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CodeHub is an Indian Startup Incubator & Accelerator for Tech & Non­Tech Startups.


100 Pre­Launch Days & 1 Launch Day!


Money, Time, Skill & Idea

Launch Day

We launch to users, potential customers & people.

CodeHub is a brainstorming & launchpad nest for dynamic students and entrepreneurs in India.At CodeHub we invest our time and money on promising individuals and ideas to launch a startup with purpose.

Space & Opportunities available in silicon valley startups are notably higher in all terms, valuation & media attention.

To compete with global startups and companies,it is very important to be innovative with real-purpose. CodeHub motivates students and entrepreneurs in India to think and execute their startups to meet the standards of global competitors.

Excuse: Entrepreneurship is not an part ­time activity. Applicants who ever cannot be with their own idea for full ­time. Please excuse and don't apply for CodeHub.

First week of incubation is all about brainstroming a minimal viable product/service which doesnt compromise its core & one­thing at launch day.

Feed the Code:
Coding & Execution of an idea is vital enegy for any startups. We cannt expect a healthy delivery if we are careless in incubation. Our pro­coding mentors will make sure your code is always right and scalable.

CodeHub invests its money, time, skill & idea in your startup. Valuations and share will be calculated on case by case basis.

Are you a VC or Angel Investor?

CodeHub believes a perfect launch day of a startup is not about its PR, not about marketing / fabricating its potential to investors, not about introducing it to fellow startups.

CodeHub has a “Launch Day” model which puts the potential customers and users of a particular startup is their launch day audience. Investors, PR can be an additional audenice.

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