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With a shared passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, our partners offer constant support for our programs and initiatives.

They seed fund, invest & help to grow promising tech & non-tech startups in tier-2 South Indian cities like Madurai, Trichy, Coimbatore & etc.

​The partnership program opportunity for companies that we truly believe in, and that we know will provide invaluable products, services, resources, and long-term relationships for our startups. Our goal is to not only build a relationship between partners and startups based on product offerings, but even more importantly to foster an environment that is about connecting on a deeper level.

We choose our partners carefully because we believe they have more to offer than just products – from entrepreneurial war stories to market challenges, and startup lessons to industry advice, we want our partners to be part of the Startups process.


Our mentors are both talented and eager to help you grow. Our mentors are not paid for their contributions, but do it out of the pure love for building companies, creating value and impacting the world.

Karthi Keyan
Co-Founder & CEO, Blaze web services.

" An entrepreneur, experienced in web based application development encompassing a broad range of programming languages. Has a successful track record of growing start up companies, creating growth strategies and executing it. He is an Investor, Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, e-Commerce Consultant, Close observer of web development trends and also a social activist " .

Paim Pozhil
Co-Founder & CTO, Blaze web services.

" An outstanding entrepreneur and tech professional. Over the years he participated as an Opensource programmer, Mentor and Investor who mostly dreams CS and Electronics. Excellent mentor with wide scope knowledge and range of skills. Specialties: Business support for startups. Business strategy & planning for startups " .

Ramkannan Raj
Xam apps, Appliedminds interactive,

" After dropping out of MBA from Coventry University, London. UK. He flew back to chase his dream of starting an Innovative company in India. As an Enthusiastic started he founded few Start ups related to Education, Fashion, Argument-ed Reality. Working on projects to develop small & micro Eco-systems for tech and web in semi urban and rural part of Tamil Nadu " .

Research Engineer, Qualcomm Inc, Bangalore.

" I have been adding 1's and 0 ‘s in semiconductor industry. I am very much motivated to fill the gender gap in research and open source technology. I am basically mentor who love to motivate young girls in technological and research field. The main objective is to make them a future entrepreneurs " .

At Code Hub, we support aspiring entrepreneurs and the rising of new startups. You, as a sponsor, have the opportunity to be in the center of the process. Code Hub is impacting people's lives and changing the entrepreneurship landscape wherever it goes.

Code Hub regards sponsors as partners who are joining us on an important journey. And we encourage our parnters to engage in a collaborative relationship and help us change the world. As a partner you will have access to a network of young and inspiring change makers and the most important players on the entrepreneurs scene. With us, you will have a key player roll in the entrepreneurial ecosystems.

We understand that companies look for value-added propositions, even when dealing with non-profits. Please note that we are more than willing to work with you and find the best product mix for you.

If you are interested in sponsoring and would like to discuss the different options, get in touch with us:


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